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Bad Crackle


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hi. im having a problem with my equipment. i own a ibanez rg 550dx with dimarzio neck and bridge pickups(not sure what series they were on the guitar when i bought it) i have a crate gfx 120 and a marshall 4x12 halfstack. and i have a boss mt-2, ge-7 eq and a ns-2 noise suppressor. the problem im having is that when i kick on the mt-2 (on the clean channel on the amp) and the bridge pickup on, i get a bad crackle sound when i hit a note and let it ring out(like soloing) power chords and muting you cant hear it though. but it dosnt seem to do it on the neck pickup. ive tried several different settings on the pedal and it still crackles. tried different cords and different guitars and it still does it. so i thought the problem was the mt-2. i went to a buddies house last night and he has a mt-2 with a jcm800 and 4x12 cab. his guitar dosnt do it but when i plug mine in, it does the same thing. can anyone help me or explain the problem im having

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