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Tuner Key Bushings

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I am not exactly sure what you are asking here.

I asume you are talking about steel string tuners without the srew in bushing but the type that is pressed into the hole in the peg head.

If this is the case the bushing hole has to be drilled the correct size so the bushing can be easily pressed in with a vice with woden blocks either side to protect bush and peg head. Then the tuner can be slid in and the retaing screw holes drilled and screws fitted and lightly nipped up.

I may be talking about the wrong thing he as you may be meaning classical type tuners which is another totally different story.

Please elaborate?

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ya, we're on the same page, but here is my situation,

*sidenote* i have used bushings before and for the most part they can be put in by hammering them in thru a slightly larger, tapered front hole in comparison to the pole from the back; these tuners though have a big diffrence;

the pole piece is .545 in diameter, while the bushing is .725

i dont have the 'perfect' size for the bushing, and am trying to get them in while having both sides snug;at the same time they have to be dead center; i hope that makes sense;

ive had guitar (6) bushings that were a big difference before and i drilled out the pole piece of the tuner to a nice fit; then i wedege a dowel in there so i could remark the center, then drilled out the top portion; but these bushings are too big for any of my bits, and i cant find a 23/32 bit at stores, which is what they call for;

the only thing i can think of is grabbing my smallest flush bit for my router and canging the bearing to make a super small rabbet and do it that way; but that is even still awkward; im gonna try a scrap piece tommorow but i think the finger board will get in the way of my router base;


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I think I understand your questions.

This sounds very similar to a problem I had yesterday trying to install a set of Gotoh vintage tuners. The press in bushing is .346" diameter and the tuner post is .249" diameter. I drilled the holes for the bushings slightly deeper than the length of the bushing, but not all the way through the peghead, and then followed the center of these holes with the smaller diameter bit for the tuning posts. The problem I encountered though was I did not have the correct diameter bit for the bushings - either too tight or too loose. So what I did was go with the smaller diameter bit and then carefully use a deburring bit on my dremel tool to slightly widen the holes so that the bushing would go in without a sledge hammer :D

You might try using the nearest size drill bit (but smaller than what is called for) and then carefully enlarge the bushing hole in a similar manner as described above (round file, coarse sand paper glued to a dowel rod in a drill press, dremel, etc.). I think the key is to clamp your peghead to your drill press table (providing you have a drill press), drill your bushing hole to the proper depth, then leaving the peghead clamped in place, drill the same hole with the bit that is the same diameter as your tuning machine post. This will help assure that the two holes are on the same center.

Hope this makes sense.

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