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Questions About Epoxy Refret

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Hi All,

I would like to use an epoxy refret method on my guitar to mimimize slot degradation and allow frequent refrets. My frets dent quickly due to my style and frequency of practice.

My questions are:

1) On a compound radius board what's a good method for clamping frets down to dry (how to deal with the multi-radius)?

2) Can paste wax be used to control epoxy overflow? Can overflowed epoxy be chisled out? The other choice is tape. However, if you tape right up to edge of slot then fret crown my cover the tape..

3) What is the best method to clean slots for future refrets when using epoxy?

4) Is there a preferred type or brand of epoxy for fretting?

I greatly appreciate any advice..


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I am assuming you don't have a bound fingerboard. I personally wouldn't use epoxy otherwise you will have to recut all the fret slots and you may tear out wood at a re fret trying to remove them.

I have never even glued my frets in up to now, as they have been unbound, seated firmly and never moved.

With the bound finger board on my new axe I found they didn't seat as firmly as they are not locked in at the fingerboard edge. One came loose while I was tapping the others in so I glued it with Weld on binding cement and I noticed one other was a tad loose when bevelling the edges.

I use the edge of an oil stone to bevel the fret edges, not the face as I want to keep those good for sharpening chisels, plane blades etc. The oil stone works a treat for the job as you have both coarse and fine grit to use.

Do you use a hammer to play your guitar. How do you dent the frets or are you constantly bending strings?

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