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Mother Of Pearl Nut?

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ive never heard that; and since no one else is adding anything, i'll put in my 2 cents;

first, pearl is flattened from shell, and ive never seen a piece thicker than a mm (or so)

not saying it dosent exist , but not to my knowledge;

second, its not so much that its brittle, which i would consider it; as much as natural cracks all thru it, that im sure would make shaing a dangerous task; if your pearl inlay cracks in half, you can inlay it w/o anyone the wiser; putting a nut that is (or at one time) 2 pieces cant be good;

i did however always want to try a nice wood nut with pearl between laminates, just for asthetics;

and i know thta would make it more than one piece, but wood with epoxy or glue would be harder than just the wood itself, where it just dosent happen with bone or plastic; or pearl?......

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Ive read that Mother of Pearl suppose to be a really good nut material. I just was wondering if anyone has used it and what are there opinions on that. I have seen some higher end banjos with it.

I have already bought one from depaule. Was just wondering how the material was to work and the sound that I would get from it. It is very very dense compared to buffalo horn .

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