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Bankirai And Brothers

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Hi guys!

Been quite a while since I've been here, but my hands are itching to build something. I'm thinking about a fretless 4 string bass guitar.. to have something I can actually play (which, unfortunately, I cannot say of my lapsteel guitar)

I still have a piece of meranti left, about a meter long, 4 cm thick and 14 cm wide (used the other half to build a lap steel guitar). I found the stuff a little hard to work with, splinters like hell. But then again, I'm used to nice soft woods like spruce.

Anyway, to get to the point, I was searching our garage for some tools I'd lost, and I found a few pieces of Bankirai wood, some leftovers from some garden project my father built. I searched the internet for some info, and found out that it's botanical name is Shorea Atrivernosa (or at least, it's a Shorea) . I also found out that Meranti is a Shorea as well... but that's besides the point.

Now I know for a fact that Bankirai is used in a lot of garden furniture etc. It's durable stuff, and the pieces I found were quite heavy (Though www.af.nl , a dutch wood dealer, says that its weight can vary between 700 kg - 1150 kg per cubic meter, so between the weight of ash and ebony).

My question, therefore, is: Has any of you guys heard of the wood, or used it (or any of its close relatives) in a guitar before/ does any of you think I can actually use this wood? I'm thinking about using it for a neck (possibly neck-through even).

I know most of you will tell me to go out and buy myself a piece of alder or basswood. The only problem is that I'm a poor student :D and I'm just too inconfident about my woodworking capabilities to go out and mess up a nice piece of wood. I have this stuff lying around in my garage, collecting dust (and spiders)..so do you think I could use it? B)


- EDIT -

Well, came out of bed this morning and decided to actually check the wood out :D I took a small scrap of it, and submitted it to some torture tests. Tapping the wood with my knuckles produces an almost marimba-like sound. The wood is indeed a bit on the heavy side, but not backbreaking IMO .

But, the best thing about the stuff is: it's actually quite easy to saw, even with a worn out rusty hand saw. I could actually carve some wood off with a stanley knife. In that aspect it's way better than the meranti I used for my lapsteel, which was -IMO- a b*tch to work with . The stuff is also quite rigid in that I wasn't able to bend or break pieces of it.. not even when standing on them :D

anyway, I'm seriously considering this wood for my fretless project..as a neck wood. maybe even in the body.. I'll keep you guys updated. In the meanwhile, does any of you have any experience with using this wood for guitars?

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