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Harmony Help.....

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Last year I picked up a 1963 harmoney hollow body off of ebay for about $100 bucks. It was a stripped body, neck, and an old bridge. I don't have a lot of experience working on guitars but this is what I know aboutthe guitar.

It was produced sometime in the early to mid sixties.

The body was stripped of paint with paint stripper, some of the binding was eaten away.(problem)

someone tried to drimal out the old pickup pockets to put in humbuckers. ( everything seems to line up)

The wood is very brittle looking, it looks like the stripper took all of the life out of it. From what I've been told is puting some wood oil on this will crue that. ( sorta probelm)

there a crack in the back but I've wood clood that shut and sanded it down smooth.

the thing I'm having the most problems with is removing the binding because it's so eaten up. I'm have tempted to use a wood putty to fill in where the binding was just get a smooth surface and paint over it.

thanks to anyone who puts in input..

Mike Hateful

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