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Colour Maple Inlaying?


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Hey.. Im thinking of getting a neckthru blank made for my first project guitar.. and I am looking to get a 12th fret inlay..

I have the design basically picked out, but im just not sure what inlays would look like on Maple, since its so rare to see anything except dots on maple..

What I was thinking, is a 7-pointed star at the 12th fret.. Now using JCF's custom shop generator, I can kinda make a mock up of how it might look..


Now that would be probably inlayed im assuming with like either stained MOP, or some kinda Recon stone.. Im not sure, something that looked good though hopefully..

Would anyone happen to have some pictures of coloured inlays in Maple? That would REALLY help!

Also, I was considering doing that, but maybe adding colour in the middle of the star, like an orange stained MOP, or just normal white MOP... Not exactly sure what would look good since I havent even seen much coloured maple inlays... The mockup doesnt look as appealing thouh for this idea, but Im curious to see what it would be like in real life..


Actually, if anyone had an Ebony fretboard that had like say, MOP outlining on something, then blue inside it, I would be interested in looking at that too, as Im considering the same inlay, but on Ebony with white MOP on the outside, and blue on the inside..

Edit: Probably should mention, im going to get the fretboard made from a CNC machine from an inlay outsourcer. heh

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The reason you rarely see a complex inlay in maple is simply because maple is nearly impossible to hide ANY mistake. If the inlay doesnt fit *PERFECT* it looks really bad. RW and ebony are very forgiving when it comes to filler/dust/black epoxy to hide any gaps, but even the smallest line/gap in maple looks dark.

Because of this, people dont want to inlay maple. I'd say a CNC'd job is the ONLY way to go, and HuntinDoug should be able to tackle this job pretty easily.

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