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Questions Regarding Installing A Schaller Tremolo On A Jackson Js30 Dk

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Hello everyone,

Brian had started a topic called "trem rout comparison chart" that showed an image of a tremolo rout with generic letter dimensions. People could then post the dimensions for various trem routs i.e., A = 68 mm, B= 34 mm, etc..

The thread is at this link...


Can anyone please provide these dimensions for a Jackson JS30 DK Dinky Guitar with a JT-580 low profile tremolo ? I want to know if I can replace the Jackson JT-580 LP with the schaller Licensed tremolo shown at the following two links...

Dimensioned drawing:




The Jackson JS30 DK Dinky shown here...


Manufacturer's information for JS30:


The first guitar link above says the trem is a JT-500, but the second MFG link and the Jackson catalog say the trem is a JT-580 LP low profile.

In addition to the dimensions from the gif drawing in Brian's thread, if I could please get the distance from the center of the left pivot post to the left side of the bridge plate, and the distance from the center of the right pivot post to the right side of the bridge plate, it would be helpful.

The Schaller bridge at the link above is not the original Floyd Rose but the Schaller model with the knife edge pivot point inserts. This bridge is almost identical to the Jackson JT-500 bridge that came on the Jackson Performer PS2 guitars. The JT-500 and the Schaller bridge are not low profile models like the JT-580 LP.

I'm not real concerned with differences in spring blocks, I just need to know if the pivot post spacing matches, and how well the actual bridge plate will match up with the recess rout. I could CNC the recess rout if I need to, or even relocate the pivot posts if I have to, but preferably I could use the Schaller bridge with no modifications at all to the guitar. The Schaller bridge installed perfectly with no modifications on a Jackson Performer PS2, but they no longer make these guitars.

I wish I could find CAD files for the various brand & models of tremolo bridges and/or guitar bodies on the market, or at least dimensioned drawings, but you just can't find them.

If you have a guitar or know of a guitar that either the Schaller bridge at the link above or the nearly identical Jackson JT-500 bridge works on, please give me the make and model. I would like to compile a list of guitars that these bridges will work on. I only mention the JT-500 because it is nearly identical to the Schaller model and some people may have experience with that model and not the Schaller.

Although my immediate need is for the rout dimensions of the Jackson JS30 DK Dinky, I would also like to compile a list of trem rout dimensions as shown in Brian's drawing, for as many guitars as possible. If you don't mind taking dimensions of your guitar, please post along with the make and model or email me direct. Basically any tremolo bridge and/or recess rout dimensions that anyone can provide for various make and model tremolo's and guitars, would be very helpful.

Thanks for your help.


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I'm also considering using the ESP LTD M-100FM guitar if anyone has the trem rout dimensions for that guitar as well.

Here is a link to the ESP...


I prefer to avoid changing the pivot post bushing spacing if possible, but if I had to change the recess rout a little that would be no big deal. The fewer modifications needed the better. Hopefully, the Schaller trem will work well with one of these two guitars.

Thanks again for your help.


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