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OK...before I do something stupid....need some advice.

1. I've got my veneer bookmatched as close as I can get. When I glue this down, if there happend to be a slight gap is there a way to fill it without it being totally obvious? What could I use as filler? Would a good sanding sealer coat fill that up nicely if with whole body was coated prior to being cleared??

It has been a challenge getting this bookmatched due to the waviness of the veneer so I used some clamps and some very flat boards to sandwich the veneer together to flatten it for sanding the joining edges. Getting this down flat on the body is going to require some serious weight, I am actually considering using myself while holding some sandbags, watching some videos for a couple of hours. Anybody got any grand ideas??

2. I've also got the head stock veneer ready to glue, but I am wondering how to cut the holes for the tuners properly. If I use a drill I am afraid the veneer will split like crazy, but maybe that is not an issue after being glued down. Maybe use an exacto to get it close to size then a dremel sanding drum to finish it off???

3. How to go about exposing the binding on the face of the headstock? It's a very narrow border edge of binding that I would like to have show, ie not covered by veneer. My idea is to use a dremel sander to sort of bevel that edge down to the surface of the binding. I will have to be very careful and tape off precisely or it won't look right...this seems too risky. Would a Dremel with a router bit work if I could index off the headstock edge itself? Tough to explain what I'm trying to do, sorry.

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