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Bass Truss Rod

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ok here's the deal... I'm new at this and don't know very much, i will order that Melvyn Hiscock book next week... but I'm reading all your posts and tutorials for months B)

as very impatient person i already started to plan out my first bass, and i wanted to know what kind of truss rod i could use, do i really need neck reinforcements. and could i just use Gibson stile truss rod(witch i could order here from some wielder) it's because i Live quite far from part shops and postage costs quite much, for example book will cost me 2/3 of book price :D and i want first project to be less expencive to really know can i do it...

sorry for that much text i had a lot to say :D



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You'll very likely want to order hardware and the like anyway; if you need to save on shipping, just order everything from one source. StewMac isn't the cheapest, but they do have good shipping rates, and excellent service. F'r instance.

For a bass, I'd reccomend a dual action rod. Look at Rockinger.com (german webstore), might have slightly better shipping prices.

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