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Ibanez/dimarzio Pickup Replacement


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Alright, i'm working on an ibanez rg, with a h/s/h set up. i'm replacing the stock pickups with dimarzios all around. anyways, i did this diagram.

java script:zoom('http://static.zoovy.com/img/guitarelectronics/-/wdu_hsh5l11_01')

i believe that i did it right, but there's one problem. the 5-way switch that i'm using has the positions of the terminals interchanged (ex: when positioned the same way as the diagram, screw holes to the left, terminals toward you, and the switch away from you, the top terminal would be on the left instead of right). i tried to work it out, but i'm at a loss.

what's interesting is that the guitar still works. the problem is that position 2 and 4 are extremely weak and positon 3 goes into instant feedback. also, there's a hum when i'm on a humbucker and the volume and tone controls don't really act the way they should. they're kinda both tone and volume at the same time in each one.

can anyone help me?

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