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Rickenbacker 325

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Does anyone know any Rickenbacker 325 Measurements or know of any plans/templates?


The 325 has a short-scale neck, you know that, right? Just checking.

I built a 350 (same thing but with a longer scale neck)-- I cheated though, I had a the body of a copy to make a template from.

It's possible that the 325 is more comfortable to play (although I played a friend's once, it wasn't) but I just don't like playing the guitar all that much --mostly because the body doesn't extend far enough behind the bridge for my elbow. So it feels like it's shifting the wrong way all the time. Placing the strap button behind the neck helps a lot, but not enough.

There's a reason why Lennon used to play his all the way up at the chest--it's the only way to get the guitar in a decent playing position. And there's a reason why it looks so good on Susannah Hoffs --she's pretty tiny, so it works for her.

So I'd recommend adapting the 350 to make a little larger (which then becomes more like a 360).

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