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Help Building Scheme!


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I own a Ibanez RG270 and recently decided to change pickups and rewire the whole thing adding some DPTP switches, to get a more flexible setup.

I have 3 hums in my guitar:

# BRIDGE PICKUP: Duncan Designed® HB-103B Humbucking Pickup

# MIDDLE PICKUP: HotRails from Seymour Duncan

# NECK PICKUP: Duncan Designed® HB-103N Humbucking Pickup

I haven't been able to find any H-H-H schemes at Ibanez site.

I found a couple of schematics while googling, but non of them use DPTP switches to play with the pickups.

My electronics are down to basics, thats why I'll need some help. =S

I bought the wiring hardware already, having this scheme in mind:


I believe this scheme suites perfectly all pickup combination needs, I just would like to add the 2 DPTP switches, so I'm able to switch my coils between serial & parallel.

But I need help modding the scheme. =S

I am using this switch:


Thanks in advance for the help! =)

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you would only need one dpdt switch for series/parallel. you could use the other for phasing. heres a diagram, dont know where you'd put it in your schematic though. maybe someone else can help with that bit


Hey... thx for the reply!

Yep, I had seen these DPTP diagrams... but this basically shows you, how to use the DPTP to switch series/parallel in a single pickup. And since I'm using a 3 pickup scheme, I need to do a work around, to use only 2 DPTP's to switch the whole thing... Apparently it can be done building a scheme that uses one DPTP for 2 of the pickups, and the remaining would control just one. In my case, I would use one for the neck and bridge, and the remaining one for the middle pickup. The problem here, is that the schematics do get a bit more complex when combining one switch for 2 pickups.

So... that why I'm doomed by my poor electronic knowledge. =S HEHEHE...

Help... anyoneee??? ='(

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