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Washburn Bass Neck Replacement

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Hey,everybody,this is my first topic,here's the thing:I've rebuilt a washburn MB-4 Mercury Bass guitar,but it just came with the body in bad shape and the electronics,no neck.Because i couldn't find any washburn neck that would fit there,i replaced it with a Squier p-bass neck,and honestly it looks really good,unfortunately i'm having a big problem doing the proper setup on it.the intonation on the 12th fret is really sharp(like for instance,the E string intonation onthe 12th fret is on Gb and this is with the saddle all the way back close to the bottom of the bridge)and i can't seem to find the problem here,i'm thinking it might be that it is a short scale neck and i need the proper strings for it or that has nothing to do with it?please help!!

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New strings isn't going to change the scale of the neck. Measure the distance between the nut and 12th fret. Now measure the distance between the 12th fret and your G saddle. I bet you those measurements are quite different. To remedy this, you need to move the bridge to a position where the saddle will fall in the right position, with room for intonation adjustments.

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Hold on, don't start moving stuff around yet.

You need to understand the concept of scale length first, and then you'll understand why you put the wrong neck on there. Do a search in the forum here, or in google, read up a bit.

Then you'll need to find out what the scale length on the original bass was supposed to be, and go and find a neck with that scale length. It'll be a lot easier and end up looking better than simply moving the bridge around (and there's a chance that you won't be able to move the bridge if the P-bass scale was that much longer). Your pickups will end up being in the proper place for the scale as well.

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