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Two Pickups In Series


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I have a H-S-S guitar that has a blade style, single coil sized humbucker in the middle position. I’m not really a huge fan of that pickup combination since I almost never use a middle pickup (except occasionally the middle/neck combo), but I’m trying to explore some possibilities to get more use and a unique sound out of it. I’m wondering what it would sound like to use the bridge and middle pickup in series, instead of the standard parallel circuit. I’m wondering if this might provide a thicker, slightly bassier sound than just the bridge pickup, or the two in standard parallel circuit. I'm not a big fan of the bridge and middle with the current setup because it seems like the middle pickup just mellows out the bite of the bridge pickup, but if they were in series, might it give the output a boost in the same manner running both coils of a humbucker vs a single coil? Considering this is one of my "metal" guitars, I'm trying to get the thickest, heaviest tone out of it that I can. Has anyone out there tried this? Any thoughts on this idea? I’ve done more than my share of pickup configurations and different wirings and options (coil splits, phase switches, on/off switches to turn one a pickup to get combinations not possible with the 5-way), but I’ve never tried this. But, before I try it, I figured I’d ask around and see if anyone has tried it, or has any thoughts on how it might work.

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