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Five Wire Jackson Hb'er To Gibson 3 Position Switch


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A buddy of mine recently bought an Epiphone Les Paul Special II. Once into the little studio though, he found the OEM humbuckers a tad weak. We cannibalized a two tonne Charvell/Jackson for the pickups. They are either Charvell or Seymour Duncan four wire plus ground.

The guitar has a three position SPDT switch which we like but the replacement pickups as stated are four wire config.

I've tried a couple generic wiring options and I get the same result each time. With the bridge pickup selected, one of the coils is rather hot, while the other is rather low output. The same is true when the neck pick up is selected. In the middle position all four coils are rather flat. Both pickups are wired the same way.

Coil one's (+) to switch, with coil one's (-) to coil two's positive and coil two's negative to ground.

I've used the Duncan and the DiMarzio recommended wiring schematics as I can't find a Charvell schematic for a SPDT switch set up. Charvell uses a five position switch. Can anyone see where I've gone wrong?



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