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Dremel Bits In Big Amounts


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Hello guys, I need to buy each of the two Dremel bits from the photo below in big amounts.

Do you know a good online store to get them as individual items and not as parts of a Dremel bit kit?

I know I can make the sand paper roll bit but it is not worth the effort.

The steel bit with the abrasive tip is absolutely impossible to be made at home, so I definitely need to buy it from a store.

By the way, what is its name in English?


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Sanding drums, and what looks like a basic diamond burr (not sure why you want to use that for wood, though...) Places like Drill Bit City, and various surplus drill/mini drill/mill websites (do some googling) will easily supply the diamond burr. And the dremel sanding wheels are available in packs of 5 or 10 from Dremel, through any normal reseller, I think.

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Go visit your dentist. For the amount of money they charge for their work you should get a little something extra. I always ask about any "previously enjoyed" drilling, boring and facing bits they might have available. Of course you won't find any of those sanding drums at the dentist's office :D but they DO use quite an assortment.

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