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Mim Tele Can Spray Laquer Go Over The Poly?


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I got a shot neck on a 90's telecaster from a friend. It had long green streaks in the maple neck where the nickle leached out into the wood. It did not look good. I pulled the worn out frets and sanded down the face. I then used oxaylic acid to bleach out the nickel. I am ready to put in the new frets, so I am think about the finish too. I only sanded off the finish on the finger board. If I mask around the edges, do I have to be worried is a tiny amount of the nitro overspray?(The boundary where my masking isnt necessarily perfect. I intend to use(all from guitar reranch): aerosol sand and sealer. tinted clear coat aerosol and then their nitro clear coat last. I dont want to make a mess. I just have heard horror stories about MIM poly finish and luthiers refused to fix it due to health risks. I wore a mask while sanding. I'd appreciate any advice.


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