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Finish For Transtint Dye

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I'm in the final stages of putting together my "Firebird" bass. I used red and yellow Transtint dyes to color the body, headstock and part of the fretboard inlay. Now I need to protect it, as the dye is pretty delicate, i.e., comes off easily. Does anybody with any experience with the dyes have an effective method for finishing it? I'd appreciate any ideas and information. Thanks.


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Thanks for the reply, and I don't mean to sound rude, but yes, I understand all that; I'm looking for a little more in-depth information on what particular experiences people have had with finishes over the dyes. Is there anything that tends to bring out the color more, or something that doesn't mix well with the dye, or ??

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No offense taken, and I hope none was given; I figured you weren't a newbie (either that, or a very, very ambitious one).

I've use TransTint's successfully to directly stain the wood, cover it with waterbased lacquers (Target PSL and USL spray lacquers, ie the stuff StewMac rebadges) as well as nitro and shellac. Never tried them under oil. The TransTints are compatible with pretty much any finish you care to think up, dissolve in alcochol, water, lacquer thinner, all helps. Shellac and nitro 'pop' the finish a lot more (stain or no stain) than any waterbased stuff, so I tend to seal with shellac if I'm using waterbased finishes.

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