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What Sort Of Mini-switch For Pickup Selection?


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Hello, I've been using these forums as a resource for a while, but I can't find anything on this question...maybe I'm being dumb.

I want to use a mini switch for a two single coil (tele-style wiring-wise) guitar. I'm not sure which type of mini-switch I need (DPDT on/on/on?) and also I'm not certain of the wiring.

It doesn't seem like mini switches are popular selector controls, at least I can't find anything on using a DPDT on/on/on (assuming that's what I need?) as a PU selector!



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Is there a reason why you don't just get a 3 way Tele/LP switch? If you really want a mini switch then yes you would need an on/on/on. There is no place from memory to put an earth wire on to a mini switch and they (mini switches) are used generally to coil cut a humbucker.

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no need to ground mini switches, really. Works fine if you don't, and yes, an on/on/on will do the trick.

I discovered in my last build using mini switches, they will create hum when touched if not grounded. When I grounded them they were ok. It's not really a big issue because you only touch them minimally when playing. :D

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