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New Gibson Style Satin Finishes

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has anyone seen the newer gibson satin finishes being used on some models? particullar I have seen it ona Les Paul Vixen, and the new 59 melody maker reissue, and I think some new SG they have out, that was worn white w/ 3 pickups. anyways its like they arent using any grain filler, so that the grain is kind of raised through the finish.

some may not like it, but I kind of do, and for my current project I think I want to replicate it. it seems like it should be easy, but somehow I foresee soem trouble. i am going to use krylon for my color coat, and then deft satin nitro for the clear. seems like i should jsut be able to spray on a coat of the krylon, which should raise the grain, and while normally id sand back the raised grain, im guess for the best effect I would jsut keep spraying subsequent coats of color, and then clear with no sanding in between. and perhaps I should not even sand it at all when I am done, or else the effect would be ruined.

do you guys think this would work, or am I going to run into problems (namely, if I have any errors that I would need to sand out and respray, the effect would be ruined)

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