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Part Needed For Fishman Telly Powerbridge

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I bought a used Fishman Telly Powerbridge last month. It had a broken piece but the price was right. I figured it would be easy to check with Fishman to get the part.


Fishman no longer sells that particular style of bridge any longer. They still sell a Telly Powerbridge but it has more conventional saddles now. The bridge was originally made by Wilkerson but they sold out to Gotoh. Gotoh changed the design for Fishman. My guess would be that they've had problems with the brass receiver insert snapping off so they came up with a newer improved design.

I'm hoping that someone has a trashed old style Powerbridge that they are willing to part out. I need the little brass receiver that lives under the bridge plate that the saddle set screw feeds into to lock the saddle back down after the harmonics or action is set.

Can anybody help me out? :D

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Can't really help you, but maybe try contacting Wilkinson (if they actually made the bridge; Gotoh produces a number of Wilkinson's designs under license, very good quality stuff, but Trev's still making hardware, albeit very expensively. Google Fret King guitars).

Also, a picture might help...

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I emailed Trev earlier today per your suggestion but have received no reply as yet. I can't seem to find a site for Gotoh. I can find a lot of Gotoh retailers but not the actual site for some reason. There are a few threads left in the broken piece and if I could find a metric allen drive button head bolt that was 4 mm longer I could make it work but I'm having a tough time finding that particular bolt period much less one specifically with 10 mm's of thread. The original has 6 mm's of thread. The thought of finding a machinist job shop to make another scares me price wise because they will charge set up time and a minimum of three hours...Dooh! :D

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