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Humbuck Template And Badass Bridge Position

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Hi, my name is Julián from Argentina. Congratulations this site is wonderful ! :D A lot of information and nice people that wants to help ! :D

I´m thinking about beginning my first home made guitar and need some information :

a) I´m looking for a Humbucking pickup template that I can download from internet.

B) I bought a creap badass bridge like this one :


I need to know if I have to tilt the bridge like a TOM.

Thanks for all.

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You can find some information on how to install that bridge on: http://www.stewmac.com/FretCalculator/

Put in the form the data and then click the "Calculate" button: there you will find the measures for some bridges.

I like that bridge (the Badass one) because you can set it up perfectly. I also used Wilkinson's one (the one used on PRS) but, in my opinion, it's not sufficiently flexible. The main problem is that it's a little too high so you need to design your guitar to fit it.

I used the Wilkinson's on my SC-Curved but recently I upgraded it to the Badass one.


I installed the Badass also on my last project:


I hope this will help you

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