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Emg Mounting Questions.


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Im designing a 5-string bass right now and my friend wants to use EMG active pickups.

from looking online it looks like you route out the cavity exactly the same size as the pickup itself, but I cant find anywhere how deep to route the cavity, the actual dimensions of the pickup, or how the pickup height is adjusted..

I dont think the screws go through the body but honestly I have no Idea.

EMG's spec sheet doesnt really help me..

also, because this will be my first time with active pickups, is it possible to use a blend pot in place of the pickup switch?

I figured someone here had some insight.

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Yeah the EMG spec sheets are really good for everything except pickup depth/thickness. Pretty annoying.

I have a set of EMG 40TWs that are 1" thick, if that helps. It is a humbucker with one side of the bucker stacked (so 3 coils).

And yes you can use a blender, but it has to be the correct resistance (which I can't recall off the top of my head....it should be the same resistance as their volume pot).

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