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My New Tele Schematic - Wow!


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OK, my last post included a fairly rough wiring diagram as I struggled to resolve an issue with a weird balance blend behaviour. well, OK, I ditched the balance blend pot, and set up a totally noisless series/parrallel switching system instead.

Amazing stuff. Now I have the full gutsy humbucking sound or I can flick a switch and have an authentic Telecaster "twang". I laboured for a long time over the pickup selection, and I am now totally satisfied.

Only mod was the inclusion of a 4PDT switch in between the volume and tone control. I'm sure its been done before, but many hours of wire stripping resoldering and casting old pots away for new pots has paid off.

I got my CAD program open this time too, so have a look and feel free to comment.


I'm happy now :D: .

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I did a similar thing with three Lil Killers from GFS. I find the parallel configuration not that much different other than a lowering of volume and possibly a little thinner in sound.

In my tele build coming up I'm going true single coils; or posssibly P-90 (which I understand should have a similar sound to regular single coils).

But obviously your build met your approval.


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I did the same a while back with a SD Hotstack in the neck and Vintage '54 in the bridge. Series / parallel DPDT switch in use when both pickups selected. If you use 2 dis-similar pickups for this mod you get amazing results when their respective tones are blended together. Sort of a wah or flanger effect, who needs pedals? :D

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