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Heel Access For Truss Rod

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usually my truss rod is accessable through the headstock with a cover over it; im finding it uglier (sp) every time i do it;

sloution: go thru the heel end;

but i was drawing it up and im missing something;

normally i route prolly a 25'' channel for a 24" truss rod;

this gives my truss rod a place to cozy and an extra 1" or so for an accsess area through the top (the opening you see is on the headstock plate so you only see a 1/2" opening)

and the rod (im guessing here) stops at like the 21st fret; which i liked because the heel isnt going to warp all that much! whereas the upper half of the neck is where i worry abou thaving the extra support,

still follow?

so my problem is that how do i make my rod accessable thru the bottom without comprimising to much strength in the nut region; i didnt like the idea of the chamber thru the 23rd fret as i seen someone did ;it looks like an after though mung up (i know it wasnt)

i guess im asking how far away from the nut would you put your truss rod?


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I'm working on a bass with heel-adjust truss rod, using the type of rod with allen key adjustment. I haven't routed for the rod yet, but the adjustment nut will be accessed through the neck pickup cavity. I'll just make all the adjustments with the neck pickup missing, then drop it in when everything's nice & straight.

You can also make a removable cover between the neck pickup and the end of the fretboard for access to the rod.

This type of rod placement seems fine to me, as it is mostly in the middle of the neck where you get bow problems.

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