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Stew Mac Buffing Arbor Kit


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I recently purchased a buffing arbor kit from Stew Mac and today was the first time I got around to using it.



I love it and wish I'd bought one sooner.

I used to wet buff with a drill press with a lambswool bonnet or an air buffer with a sponge pad. That worked fine but it was so messy because it slings wet compound everywhere. I'd spend as much time cleaning up as I did buffing.

The Mezerna dry compound that Stew Mac sends with the kit is awesome. The medium cut will pull 500 grit scratches out in a heartbeat. The fine cut really puts a glassy sheen on the finish. I buffed out a guitar body today in about 15 minutes and I'm sure the next one will take less time because I was learning to use the buffer at the same time. I'm so pleased with the results. After the fine cut I wiped the body all over with Novus II polish and rubbed it off with a micro-fiber cloth and it's amazingly shiny.

If you've been thinking about buying the buffer kit and were hesitant about it may I suggest you do yourself a favor and get one. It only took me a few minutes to get the hang of it.

The only problem I encountered was the area in the cutaway but I believe I can resolve that by removing one of the 12 inch pads from the arbor so it will be thin enough to reach in there. Stew Mac suggests you put two 12 inch pads on each side so that's how I set it up initially.

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