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:D Hello all i am truly thankful i have finally found a place to ask questions.I am a machinist by trade so usually work with metals and need some advise on the woodworking and technical aspects of guitar building.Ok i currently have 2 guitars i am trying to modify/fix .Project 1 is a epiphone strat style guitar that originally had a tremolo and i am attempting to convert to a tunomatic style.My 1st attempt failed in that when i drilled the holes and put the bridge on the string saddles didnt have enuff adjustment to intonate properly.So first question how do i accuratly measure where to place the bridge.I understand this has to do with the scale length of the neck which i am assuming on all gibsons is the same i think 22 3/4 .Its been hard to find info on what this length represents but i believe its the distance from the nut to the bridge????.Also what about this neck angle deal is it a concern when going from a tremolo to a tunomatic? I also noticed that the factory installed tunomatics are installed at an angle with the high e side closer to the neck pickup area than the low e side??? well thats my list of questions to start.Oh ya my second project is a 1981 gibson explorer with curly maple sunburst body and glued on neck.Over the years i believe the constant tension from the strings has caused the neck to begin separating from the body and i want to remove it and reglue it

Thanks for all the help guys i know it seems i dont know jack about this stuff and thats cause.....I DONT :D

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Hi there and welcome to the forum.

I am also an Engineer by trade now teaching metal work at a high school but prefer working with wood.

Gibson's 24.75 scale length varies so you need to measure from the nut edge to the 12th fret and double that measurement to get the correct scale length. It is more accurate if you can measure it in millimeters. Once you know what the scale length is go to Stew mac (below) put in the info and it will tell you where to position the tunomatic holes. Take it to the maximum of the dimensions given as you are usually adjusting the saddles rear wards. You may need to glue in a dowel to plug the holes already drilled so you have a new surface to drill into. Drill a smaller pilot hole first then drill it to finished size.


With the explorer you will probably need to steam the neck joint to soften the glue so you can pull it free, then clean off all traces of the old glue and reglue. I use an old electric jug that i stick a length of rubber hose in the spout and tape the switch so it want shut off and can direct the steam wherever needed. Have used it to steam dings out of the sound board of my first guitar when i refinished and it worked a treat.

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