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Electronics System

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Hey guys,

I'm working on the electronics for a new bass and it's turning out to be kinda complex. Was wondering if I could get some help coming up with a diagram.

I have a layout of the knobs and features I want to implement at:


First off, I want to have a master volume, cause I hate having to adjust two volume knobs for each pickup. The thing is, I would also like to be able to adjust to volume between the two pickups, so was wondering if I could have a varible knob that would contol that. I'd rather have a knob than a switch.

Also, I wanna do something a little different with my tone and eq. I'm going to have passive pickups, so keep that in mind. I'd like to be able to use a simple tone knob sometimes, a 3 band eq, and also be able to use the tone knob as a master tone for the three eq knobs. I'd like to put that on a 3 way switch as shown on the pic.

The other switch I have on the pic is for the battery. I want to have leds on the neck and also a built in tuner that uses leds on the top of the body. Never seen it before, but I thought it would be cool. On the diagram, I would need a line for audio and power going to the tuner. Also would like the power to the battery to turn off when I take out the 1\4 in out.

The last thing for the electronics would be a small amp for headphones(practicing and such). It would need an audio feed to it also. I was wanting to put that on a switch knob(not sure what it's called, but one of those knobs that click at the first to send power to it.)

I know it's alot of electronics, but thought each feature would be cool. If you guys think it's too much, or if you don't think something will work, just let me know.

I would really appreciate someone helping me out.

Thanks so much!


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