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Noisey / Scratchy Pot / Pots

Samba Pa Ti

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heylo, i was searching on the forums and couldnt find anything about noisey pots (im sure somthings posted here but nothing came up when i searched,

so if there is any threads could somone please link me to them if they know of one about the same subject.

now, i have a lot of old pots removed from guitars (usually if i fix somthing for somone if it has bad pots il just put new ones in and dump the old crap, is there a way to repair these pots ?

i have the time to go through them all and test them, but what is the best method to get the pots back working without much noise ?

ive read on other sites about spraying wd40 inside but i dont see how that would help (does it clean the wiper, or whatever is inside the pot ?)

again any help appreciated here, i worded this thread so that it would come up in a search.

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