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Fret Saw

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I need to saw the slots for my frets. I ordered medium frets from stewmac and forgot to order a saw. What are the chances of finding a saw thin enough to do the job, at a local store? Should I just give in and pay the extra bucks for one from stewmac?

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Odd section for this question :D.

You might be able to find a saw with the right thickness blade if you have a real woodworking store around. If all you have is a home depot or a lowes, I wouldn't plan on it. Keep in mind that the saw has to be a .023" KERF, not a .023" blade. This meens it cuts a .023" slot. This actually requires a blade significantly thinner than .023".

I have the stewmac saw and it works ok but I don't particularly like it. If I had it to do over again now, I'd get the japanese saw from LMI (which I may do anyway :D)

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