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5th Position Blues:(


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HEy everybody Im a newby..looking for some guidance, I just installed new dimarzios (tone zone n air norton) with a 5 way 4 pole selector(the 24 pin type) 1,2,3,4 positions are fine 5th position theres nothing..Like the switch is not making contact. I looked at it closely and it seems that its not quite reaching the last little nub ( hope you understand) Im looking for a way to fix the switch and not have to replace it ( unsolder everything etc) Oh yea I wired according to dimarzios specs for Bridge , Split inner coils, Bridge n neck, split outer coils, neck. Its the neck position that im not getting . Any suggestions?

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Maybe it's something simple.

Is it possible that the slot in the pickguard/body isn't long enough? Does that last little nub contact if the switch is out of the pickguard/body?

yea I thought about that its possible. Im trying to do whatever I can to not unsolder everything. I will try to gently take it off the pickguard and see if it will make contact.

Thanks. and im open to any other ideas out there. Great Forum here! :D

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