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Paf Tribute Pickups


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Hello guys,

I found hand wound PAF replica pickups at an affordable price by Sheptone (http://www.sheptone.com). I installed them with my complete satisfaction on 3 guitars I built and I think they are really interesting.

If you want you can listen to some samples on http://www.sheptone.com and also on my web site (http://www.power-development.net) under "Guitars" / "SC-Hollow" and "SC-Curved".

The last set I bought will be installed on my new SC-SetNeck that will be finished soon (I'm going to paint it).

I hope this information about these pickup will be useful for you.


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Did you have problems with sheptone's site or with mine (power-development)?

I know that there are problems on my web site with Opera (doen't render correctly): what browser did you use?

Sorry for this inconvenience :S

I went to the site and it caused problems with my computer. It took forever to close the program. I finally had to cold boot to get rid of it. Just a heads-up.
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it worked for me

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