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Electronics System

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Hey guys,

I saw a pretty cool system at http://guitarelectronics.com/product/WDUHH3T1103

What would that system do on a bass with two humbuckers?

Would it have the 21 distinct sounds or would it just sound bad all around splitting the coils like that?

And where do the 21 sounds come from? I'm not adding that up...



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Yeah, I'm going to use Q-tuners. http://www.q-tuner.com/bl5.shtml

They're humbuckers. I know it will work, just don't know if it would sound good or different at all.

Has anyone every done anything like this on a bass? (split the coils and had them in multiple configurations)

Just want to know if it would be worth the trouble. Looks like it could be pretty cool.

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