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Neck Bow/relief

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As some of you may remember I built a tele of sorts (padauk) and it looks fine for a first effort and it tuned fine too.

I had the action a little high in the beginning and the neck played fine with no dropouts ot buzzing,after a while when I decided to properly set it up I found that the neck does not bow(maybe from all those years the neck spent without string tension) even after I loosened the truss rod completely.

Should I re-string with a heavy gauge and hope the neck will move?..................should I use clamps and try to force a bow...........any other suggestions?

I read the tutorial but nothing on necks that won't adjust.



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I had that problem on my 335 I built and I think my single acting truss rod was slightly bound up. You could back bow it but had to loosen the rod and bend the neck to get it to go back.

I ended up putting 11 gauge strings on my guitar and that put the extra weight on to move the neck.

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