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Bought Some Ash / Maple

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I was actually pricing some Mahogany for my student builds at our local specialist timber importer.

I asked about American Ash and Maple and they had only one piece of 50mm (2"0) thick x 170mm (7") Ash in stock. It is 2.4mtrs (8'0) long so I grabbed it. Dont tell my wife though as Im not allowed to build any more guitars at this time?

Looks nice and clean, slab sawn with one knot right at one end but enough for two strat bodies or the like.

They had an off cut of clean Maple that had been planed for flooring and was the right thickness for a Strat neck.

It cost me $42.00 US equivalent for both bits which I thought wasn't too bad. I know what to ask for when looking for Maple for necks now.

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