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Yet Another Coil Tap Question


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I'm gonna be fitting a coil tap to my project,.. My bridge humbucker has the needed four wires, Now how exactly do I Wire in a coil tap switch?... I'm just using a simple on off switch for the time being.

I'ts being fitted to a terrible LP copy :D (see thread in projects forum)

wires off the pick up are green, red, white, black (earth) and the shelding. sorry If i'm being vague, I'm not 100% on coil taps. surely it would just be an interrupter on the circuit to stop power to one coil? :D

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http://www.guitarelectronics.com/category/...pickupdiagrams/ - has most of the standard setups. Just look for coil split. Seymour Duncan's site also has wiring diagrams for most common uses of their pickups .. and there's a load of theory pages out there too .. try googling for "humbucker coil split wiring".

In effect, with a 5 connector humbucker, the traditional "coil tap" isn't tapping at all but splitting ... "Tapping" is taking a connection off an existing coil at a different point (e.g. multi-voltage transformers have different taps - one for each voltage). What you are doing is splitting the two interconnected twin coil setup into two single coils.

I set up a nice little board with 2x2 light bulbs and a 6 volt battery pack so I could test some wiring possibilities. For a few dollars worth of components screwed to a lump of wood it's given me hours of entertainment and a lot of valuable lessons/wiring diagrams.

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Ok, I've read up a lot but still don't feel I 'know' exactly what's happening: could some one confirm this wiring diagram I've drawn up please? :D

This pickup Is wired as a Duncan whereby Red and white are paired.

would this work??????


The only other thing confusing me is that on my pickup, the black wire is soldered at the end to the core,..... would this mean that the black is actually the ground and not the green or... am i getting confused... does it even matter which wire (green or black) i use as the ground as it will still be a complete circuit? :D arrrgh.

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