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I Need A Scematic For This Setup


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Hello everyone!

I'm in the process of building an electric guitar and I'd like to know how to make this wiring setup work-

2 volume pots

1 tone pot

DiMarzio X2N in bridge

Little Killer in Neck http://store.guitarfetish.com/lilkiblhurap.html

But I also want to know if there is anyway for me to take advantage of the abilities of these pickups since they are both humbuckers and have multiple leads. So i wanted to know if i could make it so the Little Killer atleast could switch between Single and Hum modes.

I really need a scematic within the next few days so i can route out the back of the guitar for the electronics, during the next week.

Thank you very much!


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Color coding: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/schem...olor_codes.html

Oh, but if you take out a volume pot you can get up to 21 different sounds http://static.zoovy.com/img/guitarelectron...-/wdu_hh3t11_03

All your outrageous schematics are going to be on http://www.guitarelectronics.com/category/...pickupdiagrams/

And standard sort of stuff is going to be on http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/schematics.shtml

If you need something more special, GuitarElectronics will do custom diagrams for you:

"If you are looking

for something specific to your needs, we would be more than happy to draw a

custom diagram for you. Custom diagrams start at $29.95 and go up depending

upon complexity. If interested, please fax (602-861-6991) detailed

description as to what you are looking to achieve along with your name and

telephone number and our Electronics Department will contact you."

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