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Australian Pickup Materials


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where do you live, i live in sydney and got some from blackburn electric wires (addresse is below) i got 1.6 kg of 0.06 (in between 42 and 43 awg) because it was the smallest roll of the right size. if your only looking for a small bit it might be hard to find in small quantities. i dont think ill go through this anytime soon, but it should be good for experementing, as im making the bobbins and such myself. i havent tested the pickups yet, as i am waiting for the guitar to be finished, but hopefully it wont be too long before i finish the guitar.

id suggest calling some local electrical repair shops that rewing motors and see if they will sell you some (i dont know if they use that gauge much so im not sure)

i could probably send you some for a price if your really stuck, sure beats shipping the stuff from overseas if thats your only other option.

Blackburn Electric Wires Pty Ltd

55 Garema Cct Kingsgrove NSW 2208

ph: (02) 9750 3133

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thanks for this, thats a lot of wire -- alot of pickups!

yes sydney, im just starting to plan a guitar and as ive know idea what im really doing yet - im trying to read and source everything before i think about starting.

I went into dick smith and places and they looked at me like I was mad but really the strange thing was that they didnt have any suggestions where I could try. anyway this is really useful - i hope it all goes well with your guitar.

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