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Just Made Some Test Kerfing! =)

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I was just gonna buy some because of time contraints, (but lost the crappy dayjob) so ha ha, got plenty of time now!! (*$#@**#)

I made some test stuff for both outside and inside bends, from my quartered Afican Mahogany(honduran after this)

It looks like it will bend to fit the tight curves, but I did double cuts it the stuff to get it there.

I am thinking because I am having problems with the lower bout curve, I will heat this stuff on the mold, AND glue the insides together so it forms a solid curve to help support the sides.

I used the tablesaw, the rotosander/drill press on an angle vice, and a hand plane, flat sanding board, file to get both the triangle and rounded profiles, and it was a blast (because it actually worked.)

I just run the rectangle kerf through the rotosander on and angle vice and it whips it out pretty fast. for the rounded I do the same at the greatest angle and then handplane it. It was fun.

Next, I run it through the bandsaw to kerf it. fast easy simple. Im a happy boy today. :D

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