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How To Remove A Set Neck?

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i've been sanding my project and i want to remove the neck. i feel re-furbishing a body is more than enough for me and i may try adding a different neck or something.

how do i remove the pre set neck?

and is it beyond the rhelms of possibility to drill holes so i can screw it back on rather than re-gluing it?

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Seriously, if re-furbing the body is 'enough' of a challenge, don't even try removing the neck. And don't fool youself into thinking you could salvage said neck if you took it out.

Treat it as a whole. Leave it be.

ok, i didnt want to salvage the neck, its horrible thats why i wanted to take it off and just put a different neck on which doesnt need any work doing to it. thought that might make it a little easyer

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