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Our First Prototipe Is Finished

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I have been reading and learning a lot in these forums and finally decided to post something for review and comments. Recently I started working with a friend in Madrid to help him out start and run his own Custom Guitar Shop. I help him with admin stuff and he is teaching me how to set up, fix and build guitars. I've been a guitar player for 24 yrs and thought this would be a nice oportunity to learn how to make a guitar for my 2 yrs old son.


After a couple of hard working weeks. On friday we finished our fist Mieussens Strat Prototipe (Code name Kelly Ann :wink: )

It will go on the road this summer with a well know spanish guitar player and will serve as a testing ground along with 2 other guitars to be finished this coming week.

American Walnut Neck-thru-body with Rosewood fretboard. American Mahogany with figured Canadian Maple top. It sports Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz Pick-ups, a Schaller fixed bridge and Gotoh Locking tuners.

I will post the other guitar's pics as they come out. Any commnets would be highly appreciated and welcome. :D I am here to try and learn as much as possible. :D


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