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Anybody Know Anything About Vinyl Lacquer?

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Hi all. I did a search for 'vinyl lacquer' but all I could find was stuff on decals and sealer.

A friend of mine works in a cabinet shop, and he and I have done a couple small projects on guitars using some of the tools and such (with the owners permission, of course). One of the things we did was cut a headstock to a new shape and refinish it.

Now, this shop has a ventilated spray booth and gun setup that we used to do this. But the clear that they use in this shop is shown on the drums to be some kind of vinyl lacquer clear. I've heard of vinyl sealers and such, but I personally hadn't run across vinyl clear before.

The stuff sprays even and looks good, and dries in a ridiculously short amount of time (about 30 minutes until you can scuff sand and respray, then about twenty minutes between each coat after that).

The owner tells me that it is not a catalyzed finish, and that it is very hard and durable and resistant to water and chemicals. He finishes all of his cabinets with it.

The headstock we did with it (as well as a couple other projects) looks great, and it seems to be a very tough finish that doesn't need to be very thick.

I've heard of nitro, poly, and wax or oil based finishes being used on guitars but never this stuff. So since I couldn't find anything in my search I was wondering if some of the more knowledgeable people here who know more about finishes than me could tell me about this stuff. What it's like, has anyone ever used it for guitars, why or why not, that sort of thing. I'm just curious as I can't seem to find much info about it as far as relating to guitars, but it seems to work well and I might use it on future projects.

Thank you all for any thoughts you might be willing to share. :D

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A copy / paste from http://www.ruddcompany.com/clearsf.php

A single component, pre-catalyzed, water-white clear Vinyl lacquer. Duracat-V is low HAPs and AIM VOC compliant. The Duracat-V formulation is below the OSHA/EPA reportable quantities for formaldehyde content. Duracat-V has a clear water-white finish ideal for use over white and pastel stains. Duracat-V is tough, durable and provides exceptional water and chemical resistance. Duracat-V is easy to use, has excellent flow and leveling and gives a superior smooth, silky feel. Duracat-V can be used "self seal". Duracat-V is recommended for use on quality residential and commercial interior wood products and is available in five stock sheens.

Sounds interesting

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