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On my first acoustic build the binding went in deeper than the soundboard and the sides meaning that i had to let it into the linings a little . Is this normal or do you rebate it around the linings if this happens ?

Normal. Assuming your binding is thicker than the sides. Often the numbers are really close. Say your sides are .075" and your binding is .080"(you will go through to kerfed linings). Structurally it is not an issue because the linings are what keep it all together, and you still should have plenty of glued surface.


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Yep, normal.

HOWEVER: if you're using reverse kerfed linings, and/or routed through the web making the kerfs visible on regular lining, and you're going to glue with superglue, don't go crazy with it! No flooding necessary! Reason: if you flood, the glue will soak in through the kerfs and flood all over the freshly sanded insides of your guitar.

Go on. Ask me how I know that.

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