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Strat Bridges Bridges Bridges...

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I'm renewing parts on a strat i have here that i recently aquired and am hoping to put back into shape. With regard to a new bridge.. i just have a couple of questions...

a) Difference between a "slotted" fitting and just a regular screw fitting?.. The guitar currently has a wilkinson style trem system which *was* held to the body via six simple screws through 6 perfectly round screw holes... whereas a *slotted* appears to have slightly larger holes?

:D If there is somehow a difference somehow, or is it just plain advisable to stick with the same trem or can i replace this with a "slotted" fitting trem...

Thats basically it i guess...

Oh.. heres a couple of pics, one is basically what is currently on it,... and the other is what i've been lookin at replacing it with,.....

Whats on it.. >> http://www.axesrus.com/axehardware_files/BS085.jpg (just like the silver one on the left)

and what is proposed.. >> http://www.axesrus.com/axehardware_files/BLKSBS.jpg

I'm kinda guessing that i'm really not gonna have a problem... but i'm just making sure is all... Thank guys.

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The slotted holes are so the thing will fit different screw spacing. No problem. Now, if the string spacing is the same you're good.


Hahhaaa.. string spacing... lol... how far out can one be with that... i'd pretty much imagine that that kinda thing is quite regular when it comes to strats vs strats... old trem im takin off is a vintage saddled trem thingy.. and looks just about identical to all others i've seen.. except for the fact that i want to change it to a black one.. how far wrong can i possibly go? lol.

Oh the trem im looking at suggests that its *universal fitting*?...

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