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Flying V Mod To A Peavey Mantis Lt (crazy?)

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Hi there. I'm new here but I like how this site allows others to give feedback and help. Here's my problem/idea.

I have an old Peavey Mantis from the 80's. I'm not a big fan of the hair band-style guitar and I was thinking about cutting the edges of the guitar off to make a flying V style.

To anyone who has had experience in cutting guitars or who owns a Mantis and thinks I'm nuts to "destroy" this beautiful instrument of the "Hair Band Era," please let me know what you think.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions on other mods for it I'd love some insight. As you can tell, it's the summer and I'm itching for a project.

Here's a link to an image on ebay of the same model I have at home.



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you could.... but you would probably make me cry lol im a huge hair band era fan so seeing that would really hurt. jk it actually could look better peavey did make there shape a little out of porportion. have you though of redoing finish and stuff like that? You probably could make a v and it might look good. Good luck.

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Yeah I would just cut those off. I think the guitar looks funny. I am used to seeing the dimebag dean and this peavey looks funny.

I would just miter saw (the circular saw on an arm) the arms off in one cut, round the edges with files and sand it.

Are you going to paint or stain the new finish?

I have a guitar I want to kill as well. it is a stienberger copy. so ugly.

I want to make it looks kind of like this.


Although it does not have a head stock I think I will make one because it feels off. I suppose I will do some stuff to it.

But that is odd too.

The rhoads roswell catches my eye too.

I plan to make the whole top a plexi top scratch guard. I want to paint it silver or chrome, and make the edges of the plexi top like a light up binding by placing LED's under it.

I also want to extend my neck to something like the guitar pick I posted... this is why I am leaning towards that crazy shape. easy access to the top fret, what is that like fret 32... I just want to know what it sounds like to play up there.

Sorry didnt mean to hi-jack, just throwing out some of my ideas.

Also, some stuff I have done on other garabage guitars, I put in some computer buzzer under the saddles to get an acoustic sound. I acually made one for eeach string and installed micro rocker swicthes (like inside a garage door opener code) to control left and right outputs. I can make any string go to a left or right stereo pan.

This would need a preamp to match up to the electrics pickups, which I have been meaning to build out of a set of battery operated computer speakers. this way I can try out the treble and bass EQ as well.

I also put some LEd's in a neck for fret markers. this is a real PITA project.

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