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Question About Finishing

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Hello everybody =),

I've been reading up on projectguitar for a long time now and feel I'm finally ready-ish to try refinishing an old guitar I have lying around.

I know it probably wont turn out that great, but it'll be a start and I'm certain I'll learn a lot from it =).

I'm stripped my guitar body down and sanded it down completely, but one thing has been freaking me out. Pre-paint jitters?

You'll discover I'm not the most practical person from this, but I am completely lost as to what to do with the existing, original drilled holes.

Do I use a filler, then just re-drill them? (I would not be comfortable doing this), ignore them and just spray hoping they stay intact =P?

I don't have a clue :D

I know its a silly question, but I figure its better safe than sorry :D.

I'm still really new to this and have a lot to learn and would appreciate your help <3.

Hopefully I'll have some nice photos to share with you in the near future ^.^



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