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Guitar Swirling

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my question concerns the guy who did the tutuorial on guitar swirling, has anyone else tried this?...i've been doing custom painting since i was a kid, i'm 43 years old now...anyways,house of kolor polyurethanes don't work for swirling, i've tried extending them and they still dry too quick,white is especially heavy...so now i'm using plati-kote enamel like the guy in the tutorial, i just got done testing them, white needs some extender but not as much as house of kolor,it still sank alittle, black seem to work great and stayed wet, but it may need some extender also just to be on the safe side, i'm using a 50 gal. plastic drum and have about 2 cups of borax in the water, should i add more borax to make the paint float even more, or does the white need to be thinned also?..can anyone help?

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