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The plan


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First off, a disclaimer - I'm not trying to patronise anyone, the stuff immediately below is there just incase i have it all wrong (and hopefully someone can correct any stupidity). Ok, as i understand it, a Strat with a 5-way selector is wired as follows:


.................... _|__|__|__|_

Neck<------- |___________| ------>Bridge



(please ignore the dots, its my poor way of making sure the pic comes out right)

G - Goes to tone/volume and jack

B - Bridge pickup (hot)

M - Middle (hot)

N - Neck (hot)

Giving the combinations:

1 - Bridge

2 - Bridge and Middle

3 - Middle

4 - Neck and Middle

5 - Neck

If i swap the middle and neck pickup wires around, i'll lose the bridge and middle combination, replacing it with a neck and bridge combination. If i have this right the switching order will be:

1 - Bridge

2 - Bridge and Neck

3 - Neck

4 - Neck and Middle

5 - Middle

I know the order will be abit screwed, but i dont mind. Reason for all this is that the middle pickup is quite weak compared to the bridge (8ohm DC resistance compared to 18/19ohm) and i think a combination of the two will sound crap, whereas the neck and middle arent too disimilar (8 and 13ohm). Plus i want the bridge and neck combo. I looked at guitarelectronics.com for ages trying to decide how best to achieve the goal!

Im actually using three humbuckers (well the neck and middle are single coil size hummers). This is all assuming the humbuckers are run in series and not split at all.

Phew, that was all a mouth-full! I apologise for the drawn out explanation, hopefully i have made myself clear B) . Any comments would be appreciate, basically i wanna know if that whole idea is a pile of manure or not.

Cheers people

Chris :D

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As far as how it will sound, the only way to know for sure is to try it. Have you thought about replacing the tone pot with one that has a push-pull switch? That way you could use it to turn the neck (or bridge) pickup "ON" no matter what position your pickup selector is in. When pulled out, it would simply add the neck (or bridge) pickup to whatever is selected on the pickup selector. That would give you every parallel pickup combination possible including neck-bridge and neck-middle-bridge. And it wouldn't change the guitar's appearance.

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Yeah i had thought about that, i admit it would be alittle simpler as well. Im rather straped for cash at the moment, so im trying to re-use components rather than buy new. (i know they're not that much £6-£7 but 'i have a budget and i must stick to it' .....hmmm girlfriends really r annoying!!). I guess i can always try my way and if it sucks, go with the 'Neck-On' option

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