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Gibson Pickups On Strat?


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Do you have pictures of the body? That would be helpful.

But the short answer is yes, you can do it.

If it's a standard routing for a strat you can do a lot of different pickguard configurations. If it's a routing just for 2 humbuckers you can do that too. You may need to do extra drilling for the wiring, but either way you can do it. :D

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I was wondering about this myself. I have a Squier Tele that i put a Gibson humbucker in, and I don't think that it's wired to the selector switch properly. I've searched Guitarelectronics.com and couldn't get a straight answer. Humbucker/Single, 3-way slelector, 1 Vol., 1 Tone. I wired the humbucker to the last two points of the selector switch, and I'm wondering if I should just wire it to just the last one.

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